8beats is bringing together a community of creatives who are passionate about their talents, who want to elevate their craft beyond the point of excellence, and bring the Church to the people through a movement in the arts.

This project is the first of its kind to unite creatives in the Church that are experts in design, art, marketing, music, web, and film to create messages of hope for the modern person - all without frilly moralizing messages and proselytizing pointers. We call upon you, creatives of the Church, to join the 100+ creatives across the world in bringing this project to life. 

By working on this collaboration, you will have the chance to grow lasting and meaningful friendships with other talented creatives. You will be given the opportunity to work on a project of a scale that would be inaccessible to many outside of this community, and the work will be shared by enough participants to make it easy handle for high level professionals.  

Our promise is that your talents and time will be valued and respected.

Roles and their descriptions are listed below. Note that each role is taken on as a voluntary yes to participate in the project.

Deadline: July 21st



You will work closely with the Marketing Directors to ensure your team is maintaining the mission of 8Beats. Day-to-day tasks would include keeping team members accountable with sprint planning and timelines, leading meetings, documenting features, and making sure team members have their questions answered and blockers removed.



For the musical composing inclined, there is room for you here as well. The soundtrack of the film will be and downloadable, and a possible partnership between 8beats and Musicbed is pending. We are in discussions with them about them doing a piece on us and our project.