Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.
— Matthew 5:5

Film Synopsis

Claire McKenna is a young woman with a history of addiction. After years of isolating and degrading herself through her addictive behavior, she hit bottom by feeding a heroine habit while trespassing in an empty apartment. She was arrested, charged, and sentenced to rehab and probation - ultimately beginning what one hopes is her path of recovery. Today, Claire is home for her first day of probation. While waiting anxiously to meet her parole officer, she makes a discovery from her old life that  puts everything into question. To the outside world, Claire’s battle is small, even invisible, but internally it is a fierce fight to stay sober, honest, real, alive. Claire’s name comes loaded with meaning. The same surname “McKenna” is intended to pay tribute to Sr. Margaret McKenna, badass nun, activist and advocate for recovering addicts. Whereas “Claire” bears a literal meaning of “clarity” or “clear thinking.” An observation made about many successfully recovering addicts, is their brutal transparency about themselves, seeing themselves honestly, clearly, unflinchingly, is the key to their sobriety. And so it is for Claire. Not only seeing her own destructive potential, but also, her value and dignity.

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Written and Directed by William Price, III
Produced by Natalie Cordray, William Price, III, and Bailey Hyneman
Director of Photography: Nick Staresinic


Team Bios

Bailey  Hyneman

Bailey Hyneman is a versatile, Nashville-based entertainer whose acting and singing pursuits have given her a diverse range of experiences, from performing original songs in local music venues to hosting a national television series convention. Bailey’s training began in Memphis, where she took voice and acting lessons from renowned coaches and was part of the nationally celebrated a  capella group OneVoice. She moved to Nashville in 2013 to pursue a career in entertainment. She has since starred in the short films Adipose and When Fools Fall in Love, recorded and performed blues and soul music, and worked with Fan Fest, where she hosted the entertainment news show Nightly Nerd and starred in the web series Control. Bailey currently studies at the 4th Wall Acting Studio and is finishing a degree in music business from Berklee College of Music. You can find her online at @baileyxhyneman.


William  Price 

William Price tells stories through film, text, and branding. His clients include Grammy-winning bands, non-profits, startups and healthcare companies. In his personal work, this gold Addy-winning director evokes the darkly tinged spirituality of Flannery O’Connor and John Steinbeck, releasing work that dares irreverence and embraces the sometimes brutal tension between beauty and suffering; this spirit informs his work as a filmmaker, screenwriter, and creative director. He has overseen successful art direction, crowdfunding, and marketing campaigns for Audrey Assad, LEVV, Army of Me, Marie Miller and more. William grew up in Indiana and has traveled extensively. In 2011, he was diagnosed with lymphoma. He has been cancer free since 2012 and currently lives in. Nashville, TN. He is a husband, father and avid fan of sport and art. You can find  him online at @williampriceiii


Natalie Cordray

Natalie Cordray brings creative ideas to reality through her passion for producing, her innate attention to detail, and her love of filmmaking. Natalie’s love for filmmaking started young, but was solidified at university where she was awarded the  “Foundation Film Scholarship” for women in film from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Natalie’s latest endeavor was as the assistant to the directing producer and director of photography on the show Nashville. Previous to that, she spent five years in Hawaii where she earned credits as a behind the scenes producer on the CBS relaunch of Hawaii Five-0. Her credits also span to major motion pictures, music videos, and commercials including: Jurassic  World, James  Bond: Quantum of  Solace, Beats  By Dre,  Halsey - New  Americana, and many more. Natalie grew up in Kansas City, where she still considers her true home, but admits because of her desire to see it all, and never miss out, her passport is always nearby. You can find her online  at