8beats is the first major collaboration by the Catholic Creatives movement. 

Over 75 filmmakers, designers, marketing professionals, and artists from across North America have been divided into eight regional teams. Each team will produce and distribute a 5-12 minute short film inspired by the themes of the eight Beatitudes, done at the highest quality possible and distributed with all the power of modern marketing strategy.

The final work will be released as an anthology feature film and will be available through both digital download and blu-ray. It will include a behind the scenes documentary on the making of the film, as well as a custom design booklet featuring poster art by the participating artists.

The film will be released at the beginning of 2018 and will be submitted to every major film festival in the US in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.



Artists need community.

When we work together, we are given the chance to hone our craft, gain new perspectives, new methods, and new relationships. These are essential to the development of our careers and the health of our souls. By collaborating we also get to work on projects of a scale that we could never reach on our own. 



Modern religious films have often catered to a safe mainstream audience, leaving behind many who want to see stories that reflect the messiness and struggles of their real lives.

We believe that real art and cinema has an obligation to enter the intimate spaces of broken human relationships where God most wants to reveal his love. This is why we're not focusing on a moralizing religious message but will instead seek to portray authentic, flawed characters and narratives that embrace brokenness instead of running from it. 

The Beatitudes reveal 8 truths to help us navigate the messiness of life, with charity and hope. Jesus taught in parables to make the truths of God’s love accessible and as filmmakers we desire that these short films reveal the same truths to a new audience, both secular and religious. Our desire is for this anthology series to challenge our audience into reexamining the ways in which it thinks about suffering, happiness, art, and the meaning of life.