Artists need community.

When we work together, we are given the chance to hone our craft, gain new perspectives, new methods, and new relationships. These are essential to the development of our careers and the health of our souls. By collaborating we also get to work on projects of a scale that we could never reach on our own. 


Our filmmakers tallied the views that we had on our videos last year. This was the number we came back with:


Not too shabby right? And that was what we achieved each on our own. What if we all worked together? 




Collaboration with the best
Community with a purpose
Creativity that bucks the norm

Filmmakers, artists, designers, web developers, marketers, music composers, copywriters, and film crews, we summon you. 




We are a community that believes that the greatest force of evangelization and social change in our world is beauty. 

Catholic Creatives is movement of Catholic designers, filmmakers, photographers, creative thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs, and others working to bring the gospel to the world in fresh, beautiful ways. Our community provides members the space for feedback, collaboration, and resources.

Catholic Creatives is committed to sponsoring initiatives that champion the true, good, and beautiful.  We connect investors, patrons, and employers with the best talent to create partnerships that change the world.