Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.
— Matthew 5:6

Film Synopsis

A young woman, suspected of being trafficked, is pulled from "the life" and forced to spend a weekend with a grieving father.



Written by Dan Johnson and Todd Sylvester
Directed by Dan Johnson
Produced by Infinite Focus and 4PM Media
Director of Photography: John Paul Summers


Team Bios

Dan Johnson

Dan is a loving husband and father to his wife Lauren and their five beautiful children Emma, Kolbe, Joshua, Faustina, and Isaac. He graduated with a Theology degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2007. After moving down to Mobile, AL, he served seven years in ministry while continuing to develop and explore his passion for photography and film. In 2014, together with his family, he started 4PM Media giving him the opportunity to pursue this passion where he currently serves as Creative Director for 4PM Media. His love for story and beautiful images serve as the tools to express more profound truths of the human experience, in particular, the moments where the human and divine collide.


Meredith Kuzma

Meredith took up documentary filmmaking in High School at her Youth Group, capturing footage on the bi-yearly retreats and creating recap videos. At Franciscan University she studied Communication Arts and Film Studies while doing work study with the Marketing and Communications department. In addition to a career path that has included several Catholic production companies, she has worked as a freelancer for 7+ years on projects such as online courses, weddings, and other short form documentaries. Her core values when it comes to story-telling are authenticity, emotion, and a person-centric perspective. At 4pm she wears many hats, assisting Dan in the field and assembling final videos in the editing room. In her free time she also dabbles in other art forms, including poetry, digital art/collage, and photography.


John Paul Summers

John Paul Summers is a Louisiana native and resident. He’s also a husband and father of four. As a child he lived in the US, Mexico, and Micronesia as a Catholic missionary. He is fluent-ish in Spanish and has traveled to more than 20 countries. In 2012 he founded Infinite Focus, a small production company, in Lafayette, Louisiana. As he gained experience producing commercials and brand films he discovered his passion for cinematography and started freelancing as a cinematographer in the Summer of 2015. He loves collaborating with directors who are exploring the human condition through a mixture of grounded and abstract visuals. Authenticity is the one thing he values most in work. He shoots commercials. He has a feature in the can. He loves music videos. He sings a lot on set.


Morgan Lynn Krueger

Morgan Lynn is an Atlanta based actor. She started doing plays when she was five, and film when she was fifteen. Acting is her dream and passion. She is all about the journey of learning and improving her craft, of meeting the incredible people in film and theater, and watching her friends succeed alongside her.