February 2017: The project was born! Team members met for the first time to give this project its initial shape.

April: We commissioned Daniela Madriz to create a logo and icons representing the 8 Beatitudes. We voted on the title of 8beats which references the Beatitudes and other film projects.

May: The teams began writing their film treatments and synopses. We brought on Alan Barros to create the website and strategize our online presence.

June: Our writers submitted their storyboards and scripts to our collaborative group for feedback, and a writer’s workshop was held. We began preparing for the Indiegogo campaign and applying for grants.

July: We invited artists to join the team as designers and copywriters, and the team began to expand even more. We launched the website and announced the project to the public.

August: In August our project exploded. We opened up official collaboration with the Catholic Creatives Community and an influx of top marketers, designers, and copywriters joined the fray. We launched the Indiegogo campaign and began the process of raising $200,000.  

October: Our Indiegogo campaign came to a close and not only did we reached our initial goal of $50,000, we went on to hit our stretch goal of $80,000.



We continued to workshop the scripts, and after much discussion and collaboration they were all slowly approved one by one by our team of directors. As each script was approved, teams entered into production beginning in September 2017 and continuing into August 2018.



As each team wrapped production, they entered into editing. Recruiting composers, sound designers, and colorists to make the films come to life. Some teams had to schedule re-shoots or pick-up shoots. 

July 2018: Teams submitted footage of their films and an editor started cutting together a trailer for the anthology. Teams also sent in behind the scenes pictures and videos for the "making of" documentary. The Marketing Team began updating the website and social media platforms to get ready for the launch of Blu-ray pre-orders. Also, graphic designers and copywriters were brought back onto the team to design the poster art, meditation booklets, and Blu-ray design.

August: The new website is launched and Blu-ray pre-orders are now available. Teams continue editing as they race to finish their films.

September: Picture lock of the anthology will be completed and submitted and a world premiere will take place at the Catholic Creatives Summit in Dallas, Texas on September 13. 

October: Blu-rays will be purchased and shipped out, Indiegogo rewards will be fulfilled, and other 8beats merchandise will be available for purchase on the website.